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My blog has been down for a few days because my host updated PHP to version 5.4. Downgrading to PHP version 5.3 seems to have fixed the problem.


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Pet Files

Recently don570 brought to my attention the fact that pet files would not download from my site when using the browser. The files would open for viewing instead.

The problem should now be resolved. Thanks don570.

BTW, if you are still having problems make sure you clear the browser cache.


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Puppy is alive and well

For those of you who think Puppy is dying because Barry has retired, you would be mistaken.

There are many active developers that continue to produce great results. Just yesterday 01micko release slacko64 Alpha. It pretty solid and is another full 64bit operating system for the Puppy kennels.

kirk and jamesbond continue to improve Fatdog with their latest release 630RC2.

Barry himself is having some fun and has just released Quirky-6.1.3. This is Barry's private playground but he's happy to share and receive feedback via the forum.

Use this link to view the above mentioned distros. They are highlighted in green.

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Boot Splash Message Editor (BSME)

Recently CatDude and myself created a GUI to edit gfxboot splash message files. These are the files that provide those nice graphic boot menus like this:

Information about the project can be found on the Puppy Linux murga forums here:
Version 2 has additional support for creating and using suitable fonts.

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If you have a computer with UEFI rather than the legacy BIOS and Windows 8, and you wish to install Puppy alongside W8, then be prepared for some heartache, especially if your computer is a HP.

This is a brilliant site regarding UEFI providing tons of information.

If anyone knows how to boot straight to the rEFInd boot manager, bypassing the W8 boot manager and preserving W8 along side Puppy, I would be interested in the solution.


Author: admin -  Date: 12 Sep 2013 16:49
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