Help Documentation and Videos

Boot Splash Message Editor (BSME)
Folder Ecryption for FatDog64 (6.7M)
psip-0.26 (voip)
MultiPup (Make a DVD with multiple Puppy's) (19.9M)
psip-1.2 (Excellent voip application)
Install Puppy to USB (23.6M)
Puppy Help 101 (pdf)
How to use Xdelta (3.2M)
Puppy Help 101 (tar.gz)
Why use Notecase (Because it's great) (10.5M)

How to download Puppy Linux Distributions (8.2M)

Burn the ISO Image (7.3M)

Boot the burned DVD (2.5M)

An overview of Grub4Dos (9.2M)

Where to install Puppy Linux (4.5M)

Manually install Slacko to a USB flash drive (6.6M)

Boot a HDD Puppy installation from a USB drive (11M)